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Blast from the past: The Bloodsugars - The Pedestrian Boogie (BIRP! February 2010)

How we used to dance
So slow
You and I 

ArtistThe Bloodsugars
TitleThe Pedestrian Boogie
AlbumBlalock's Indie/Rock Playlist: February (2010)

Let’s do this!

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my own playlist for a while now. I love The Indie Rock Playlist by Jonathan Hunt and BIRP and don’t know what I’d do without them. I physically need my fix of new Indie music every month or I feel I’d go insane. So, thanks to you guys and everybody involved for all the hard work you put in every month!

A while ago I started picking my favorites off those monthly lists and assembling them on mix tapes for road trips. Occasionally I’d add a song or two I’d found elsewhere, most likely on this beautiful station we have in Berlin, the name of which can be recovered from the blog title. ;) Lately, I’ve found myself adding more and more of “my own” finds on these mix tapes which is why I figured I might just give it a shot. It’s nothing groundbreaking, just another playlist, I can’t even promise to do it monthly. It’s going to be rather short, though, in keeping with my tradition of the mix tape, fitting on a CD.

I hope you enjoy my picks and finds. Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated. :)